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Astrophysics/Einstein and current theory re black holes


Philip A. Stahl wrote at 2014-09-28 20:20:06
In response to your comment:

I did look up the so called "relativity priority issue" and the consensus appears to be Einstein was still original in his particular development. Yes, Poincare, Lorentz et al had seminal ideas predating the special theory but it was still left to Einstein to put them together and it was Einstein who first applied the tensor calculus to put them in that setting - paving the way for general relativity. Alas, much of the "plagiarism" nonsense originated as Nazi propaganda during WW II, see also:

The Nazis just couldn't stomach that a Jew could develop ground breaking theories of physics, because - of course - they held Jews in such contempt and even consigned them to a "final solution".

The other fact above all, cited by more than one source, is that if Einstein had indeed plagiarized previous work he'd never have been published in journals like 'Zeitschrift fur Physik'. The nonsense that the referees were too dumb to learn of it because Einstein provided few references is just plain balderdash.

In terms of entities traveling faster than light, of course we do know there are the hypothetically proposed entitied called tachyons. It just remains for the evidence to come in to support them, as we'd need for any entity supposedly moving with v > c.

Thanks again for your questions and rating!

Philip A. Stahl wrote at 2014-09-29 04:19:00
One more thing: I would definitely not cite Roger Schafly or is book as support because he IS a "fringe person" and well known right extremist, son of Phyllis Schafly. Also a known Einstein basher. From Rational Wiki:

"He writes from (as you'd expect) the perspective of a right-wing, white male heterosexual American Christian with libertarian leanings, and has cited the white nationalist website VDARE. Roger also has implied that the United States should be a white majority nation."

I'd take anything he writes with a grain of salt, apart from the fact he's not a physicist!


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