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I read your thoughts (answers), and agree with you, regarding the fact that due to weight of hydrogen that gravity does hold it into place around the Earth.  I beleive that some particals are lost and go into space; while some traveling in space are driven into the Earths atmosphere., is the biggest cause of people being confused in this subject matter. They even offered a $5000. reward to disprove their theory.
 I feel that alot of their info is good; however, they are wrong about gravity; whereby, gravity does indeed hold the gases to the Earth.

 My question regarding this area of study,is the rest of the info they claim good? (in general)


There are dozens and dozens of such science crackpots online.  This isn't even the biggest one, and only perhaps the 50th one or more that I've seen offer a cash reward (which they will twist anything you throw at them with wildly unscientific claims).  Statements like "after the theory of relativity was disproven" alone, when it is a central foundation of scientific discovery and proven more every day are enough reason to avoid this particular crackpot.  Do not engage, do not respond.  Read, if you like, because you will keep finding (I do, read quite a bit of it) more simple denials of what we know to be real in science.


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