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QUESTION: Good day.

If we were placed in a vacuum to the electromagnetic field of high performance and frequency 10-50 GHz.

Altered by the virtual photons to normal?

Thank you

ANSWER: Hello,

I am not quite sure of the meaning of your question. Is it possible for you to rephrase it, to make it a bit clearer? Do you mean 'what would happen if one tried to take photos in an EM field with the frequencies given'?

Or something else?

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QUESTION: It is possible to extract the virtual photons from the vacuum using microwave radiation?


It is important first to note the vacuum to which you refer is none other than the quantum vacuum which indeed contains fluctuating electromagnetic waves and so-called virtual particles.

Now, I haven't heard anything about extracting *virtual photons* using microwave radiation but evidently Finnish physicists have succeeded in transforming virtual photons into real microwave photons, then extracting these out of the vacuum's quantum noise. They did this by first changing the position of their experimental mirror in the vacuum - to change virtual particles into real photons. Then, in order to extract the real microwave photons, they rapidly varied the magnetic  field in an array of SQUID (super conducting quantum interference) devices which in turn rapidly changed the speed of light in the array.

You can read more details about the device at this link which also includes photographs:

Hope this helps!


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