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I know many atheists who participate in religious festivals like christmas, deepavali (hindu festival) etc. When a person participate in festivals, he is covertly supporting the religious beliefs of people. Also I have seen many Indian/Foreign actors who say that they are atheists but they still act in films which supports/propagates religious beliefs. So why are many atheists not adhering to their principles? Is that because they believe that they are not answerable to anyone, and if material benefit is there, they even act to fool people to derive benefit from them?.

The best way I can answer you is to say there are no hard and fast atheist "principles". There is no core set of dogmas, or central beliefs which can be said to apply to all atheists, i.e. such as apply to religious believers.

Indeed, there are many types of atheists, including: agnostic atheists, strong atheists (also known as explicit atheists), weak atheists (also known as implicit atheists), materialist atheists and non-materialist atheists. In effect, if one is a weak atheist or agnostic atheist, or non-materialist atheist it isn't out of the question to express or display one or more of the behaviors you cite without feeling contradictory- or trying to "fool" anyone.

The error made, then, is assuming all atheists operate under some universal non-belief sysem, and are bound by the same unspoken, rigid code to act the same way-  and they aren't.


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