What is that makes atheist care about morality?
If there will be no after life, ie everyting will be dark after death, why then do you atheist care about morality?
But then again, for me personally, it seems that extremely atheistic societies are very immoral in many ways.

ANSWER: Atheists care about morality because they are humans - just humans who don't need to be rewarded or punished for their behavior in order to do the right thing.

The least religious and least theistic societies are the ones that have the most happiness, least crime, and least inequality. This includes your own Sweden. Or would you prefer to live in the much more religious and much more theistic Saudi Arabia?

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QUESTION: So are saying that you care about morality because you have a conscience?
If atheists believe that there will be nothing when you die why would it matter if you acted morally good or not?

Btw, Sweden actually have abortions and a very unpleasant society.

Consequence of moral and immoral behavior happen in this life, so there is no need for an afterlife to care about morality.

Abortions doesn't make a society unpleasant. On the other hand, unwanted children can make society unpleasant. And I notice you're continuing to live in a society defined by very low rates of religion and theism rather than moving to a country like Saudi Arabia. I think you've made a clear choice based on a preference for the fruits of secular government and secular culture. To turn around and denigrate all of that is hypocritical at best.


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