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Hi, I am a high school student needing answers for a survey. Answers are what you personally believe. 1.Who is God? 2. How did the world begin? 3. What is your purpose on earth? 4. What will happen to you when you die?

Kaylie, you are welcome. :) Here are my answers:

1. I am an atheist Hindu. I do not believe in Gods and Goddesses.
2. The present situation of galaxies points to a time when the nascent universe exploded (inflation). That wiped out all information about what the situation was earlier than inflation. Therefore, we know only what happened after inflation and not what was happening before that. Perhaps some day we will cross this information barrier and know more.
3. My purpose on earth is to take care of my family, my society, my country, and the whole world, in that order.
4. I would be cremated (Hindus do not bury their dead). There would be three products, water vapor, carbon-di-oxide, and lime from bones. The first two will go into the atmosphere. It would return to earth in leaves, flowers (after vegetation absorbs carbon-di-oxide) and in dew drops or flakes of snow. The bones and ashes will be immersed in River Ganges and form sediments at some future age. Regards,

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All, especially about atheism in relation to Hinduism. Brahman in Hinduism is like a quantum field in which all things, space, and time, are constituted.


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