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Atheism/Science rests on the shoulders of faith


Hi Vincent, What do you think about these statements? Science is a search for certainty in an unsure world. Faith is what empowers curiosity. It assures you of a depth to reality we can never completely plumb. It is the precondition for truly exploring the unknown. Faith assures me of the intelligibility of reality and says look as deeply and extensively as you like, you never need worry things will really be absurd or ultimately meaningless. Even scientists MUST make a kind of pre-faith leap in order to do science; they must ASSUME that reality is ultimately intelligible and that human beings are capable of knowing the truth. They cannot proceed without such an act of 'faith.

I think whoever wrote them doesn't understand the term "faith."  Faith is belief in something without evidence, or in spite of contradictory evidence.  Faith does not empower curiosity; curiosity is a power unto itself. And while faith may provide "assurance" to people, that's a far cry from providing them with reality.

Screeds like this are put forth by people who literally are incapable of understanding life without faith. They NEED to believe that science requires faith, because that puts science on equal footing with religious belief, in their eyes.  It is these folks, not scientists, who "cannot proceed"


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