If life will just end afer deash, i.e. there is no aferlife, why should I then even care about my life?
In Family Guy there was an episode when the child Stewie was told that life would just end after death so he thought about suicide by jumping out of the window. I understand why he would think life that. Why should I even care about life if everything will just end?


Well, because life has meaning and purpose even if there is no recognizable individual afterlife. (If you check some of my past answers you will see I did leave room for a physically based nonlocal "afterlife")

Life on its own is remarkable and ought to be treasured. To have life offers the potential of crafting and forging one's own meaning and purpose without having it imposed from "on high". Understanding that you only have one life to live means you will cherish it and also live it to the fullest each day.

To assert that because there's no afterlife one could as well off himself is totally illogical.  It is as daft as saying that if there is no God one could just commit suicide. In each case what one has is a non-sequitur. Think of it. Because you believe there is no afterlife you are going to **destroy your current life** - the ONLY real one? That is nonsensical.

The non-existence of a either a God or an afterlife removes no meaning or purpose on one's life. One instead creates his own via his own motivation and energy.

Why should you care if "everything will just end"? Well, because you are living NOW and have the power to experience and enjoy life in the NOW as a sentient being. You don't have to postpone felicity until you are on a death bed! The fact everything "will just end" then, ought to provide even more motivation to live - and also contribute in some way - in the NOW.

The tragedy of humanity, it is often said, is that we're the only species aware of its own mortality.

Sadly, that circumstance more often than not undermines our ability to partake fully in our daily lives, somehow believing that an "afterlife" in a fantasy realm would render them better.

It won't - but alas, that discovery is one we each need to make on our own.  


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