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Mr. Wales I am inquiring information about atheism within the 21st century. Are you aware of a case in which a person reverts from atheism only to become a theists? Thank you so much for your time.


Thanks for the question.

Speaking only from my own personal experience, I have never knowingly met someone who went from non-believer to believer.

I've known one who went from believer to "atheist" to believer again.  I put atheist in quotes because, as he would later admit, he never stopped believing.  He was just "mad at God" for some reason or another and called himself an atheist out of spite or something.

Many years ago, I bumped into an old childhood friend who'd moved away when we were in junior high school. Interestingly, this was the kid who first brought biblical inconsistencies to my attention, which started me on my own questioning of religion.  Ironically, in the years since, he'd moved in "the other direction," as he put it.  I don't believe he ever considered himself an atheist, though.

Doubtless you will find lots of literature out there from believers who claim they were once atheists. But again, my own personal experience hasn't had me knowingly cross paths with any of them.



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