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Since religion is based on faith, "Blessed is he who has not seen but yet believes" and science IS NOT. Shouldn't one conclude religion and science are two different realms and have nothing to do with each other? Thus endless debates comparing science with religion are a waste of time?


Actually, I agree with you! However, so long as religion or more accurately - religiously motivated people(including Popes, ministers, Rabbis, etc.) -insinuate themselves into scientific areas this will not happen anytime soon.

Thus, when a Pope expatiates on evolution or the Big Bang he leaves himself open to scientific criticism if his take is imbued with supernaturalism (i.e. 'evolution is the process God used to manifest creation' or 'the Big Bang signifies the divine instant of creation')

Or when another religionist makes some absurd comment on any given scientific topic.

Then defenders of science, the scientific method will come forward and have their say.

Thus, if the two different realms truly "have  nothing to do with each other" it would behoove religious people not to enter into discussions or debates concerning science. OR - wittingly or unwittingly integrate scientific theories, processes into theological interpretations. Of course, it also means scientists need to refrain from expatiating on "souls" or other supernatural entitie.

The most we as scientists can aver regarding God, souls etc. is that we see no evidence for them based on the empirical or mathematical methods of science.


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