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Is atheism sufficient to encompass the unknown? Or could there be something else we have yet to imagine at this time?


This question actually misconstrues atheism. It isn't the business of atheism to investigate, analyze or classify the "unknown". That is the business of science. If there is an "unknown" to the cosmos that requires analysis and future dissection and explication, that is reserved to science, in particular physics (the most general science).

However, to the extent atheism relies on and depends on science, it will base its ongoing premises of Materialism (or more technically, Physicalism) on what science finds.

There may always be "something else" we are yet to imagine in the cosmos, but if there is, it will be science that identifies it! Steadfast and dedicated atheists will then concur with that finding.

Bear in mind also, the investigation of science is limited to physical entities, processes. As there is no way anyone has shown how to investigate non-physical entities, then for all intents these do not exist for science. Hence, they do not exist for atheists.


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