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Though atheists claim they have no fear of death and oblivion do they still have a fear of pain, injury, disease and loss?

Charles, don't take offense to this, but are you kidding me?  What human being is NOT afraid of pain, injury, disease, and loss?  These are unrelated to any religious beliefs, or lack thereof.

As for fear of death... I've never really felt "fear" was the right word to describe a person's feelings about their own demise.  Atheists don't fear "oblivion" because we generally believe that once we die, there isn't anything.  At all.  We cease to exist.  Now, this isn't a pleasant thought.  I'm rather fond of being alive and don't want it to end anytime soon.  But it's not 'fear' that I feel.  It's a feeling of impending loss, of disappointment. It's a feeling of sadness that all the wonderful things this world has to offer will at some point be lost to me.

Death is the ultimate buzzkill.  


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