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Thanks for your reply. (Miracles - Followup). You asked for Michael Shermer's reference indicating design which I provided. You did not comment anything on that. I also gave the reference for biologist who don't acknowledge evolution of one species to another.  

>> You seem not to be aware that MILLIONS of meteorites impact the Earth every single day

Yes, still life in earth survives. Is it not something unique? We are not able to find another planet at least till now with so much water and life. Earth/Life seems to be unique indicating design.


ANSWER: I am sorry, but I only deal with *questions* - not conjectures or even links posted. If you have a question put it forward and I will respond. I selectively ignore all other material so it is a waste of time to write it unless you have a specific question.  In this followup you asked ONE question which I repeat here:

"Is it not something unique?"

NO, it is not unique! That is a conjecture based on a close inspection of only one example. Bear in mind that absence of evidence is not the same as evidence of absence.

The location of extraterrestrial life may have to await the era when we master interstellar travel and are actually able to get to the planets of other stars (e.g. certain exoplanets already discovered by the Kepler astrometric observatory and which occur in what we call the "habitable sphere" - i.e. the temperature zone around a star which would be suitable for the development of life).

Even if Earth life were truly "unique" it would not indicate design.  What kind of incompetent designer puts a rudimentary tail (coccyx) on an upright biped? You either design a four-legged tail wielding critter, or a true biped - you don't mess up the latter up with a primitive tail.

What kind of "designer" puts in a totally useless "organ" or mass of tissue known as the vermiform appendix? If it's a designer, it would have to be semi-conscious.

What manner of imbecilic "designer" puts three brains right on top of each other (the paleo-cortex, meso-cortex and newer neocortex)- as opposed to ridding its 'product' of the earlier versions once the latest was ready? This sort of tri-partite brain, which we all carry round in our craniums, has been compared to a car manufacturer building a Lexus on a Model T Ford chassis.

Why would any intelligent being - "designer" perform at so manifestly incompetent a level?

Finally, what manner of "designer" for the whole cosmos fills it up 99% with amorphous plasma - most of which is in the inaccessible forms of either "dark energy" or "dark matter"?  Seems like kind of a waste of energy and purpose.

The fact is order, when it does appear, can be explained without resort to a special designer. In complex plasma systems, using data incorporated into numerical simulations, one sees the emergence of a definite order from a chaotic  background. (For example, the aurora forming from choatic plasma sheets and currents in the high ionosphere).

Did a "ghost" designer structure the aurora into remarkably precise parallel sheets? Not at all. The inimitable procession to order was dictated by the (pre-existing) physical presence of the auroral oval around the pole and the polar electro-jet, after impinging electrons from the solar wind began to decelerate into the oval and form currents in sheets. These are then shaped by the ambient magnetic field of Earth.

Again, if you have QUESTIONS I will be happy to address them, else this is not a forum for debate. You would be better served taking your arguments to an online forum devoted to debate not answering questions.

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Thanks for your reply.

Could it be that we pass judgement on the phenomenon that we have not fully understood or the science is yet to explore. For example, appendix is now known  as a "safe house" for the beneficial bacteria living in the human gut. Please see below.


Doesn't change the gist of the argument at all. One finding at Duke U. - no confirmation as yet, and admittedly "based on circumstantial evidence".  Besides, millions have to have this organ removed each year when it ruptures. IF in fact they can live without it, quite easily in the majority of cases, then even if not totally "useless" it's still redundant.

I also noticed you seized on this (perhaps after hours of googling) but wisely left the anachronistic brain structure and coccyx alone.



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