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Atlanta Braves/Braves Home-Run Song


Nolan Mathis wrote at 2006-07-08 02:07:47
That rally song is a early hip-hop tune called "Apache" by the Sugarhill Gang (same people who did "Rapper's Delight").

The refrain:

"Apache! Jump on it!

Jump on it!


Stuart wrote at 2006-09-20 15:53:00
The song is from Sugar Hill Gang's remix of "Apache" by Lordan.

Ben wrote at 2007-04-15 19:05:19
The name of the song is Apache (Jump On It), originally recorded by the sugarhill gang.

John wrote at 2007-07-11 03:06:50
I believe the song is the intro to "Apache" by The Sugarhill Gang

A. Turner wrote at 2007-08-21 15:03:23
The Atlanta Braves have 2 different Homerun Songs.

(1) Instrumental of "Apache-Jump On It" by The Sugar Hill Gang.

The other is...

(2) "Gone".  I have no idea who it's by, but I definitely know the lyrics, because I am a huge Braves fan...In my mind I feel like you gotta be talkin' bout this song.


Gone like a freight train, Gone Like Yesterday...

Gone like a soldier in the civil war, bang-bang!

Gone like a '59 all the good thangs, it ain't eva comin' back!

She's gone (gone), gone (gone), gone (gone), etc...


Hope this at least helps!

Mike wrote at 2007-09-06 15:31:09
its called "jump on it" by sir-mix-alot

they do they instrumental but they add a siren with it.

hope this helps!

Go Braves!

ATLBraves33 wrote at 2007-09-09 01:32:44
The song is "Jump On It"

Joe wrote at 2007-09-11 03:11:46
The "Gone" song is by Montgomery Gentry.

Jorge wrote at 2008-04-02 00:50:18
I think this specific song is based on the song Apache by The Sugarhill Gang if that's helpful. I don't know the exact song though.

BigFella75 wrote at 2009-05-26 04:44:05
The name of the song is Apache and it's by the Sugarhill Gang....the song at the braves game comes off of the real thing

tallballer wrote at 2013-03-08 23:25:37
I LOVE that Sugar Hill Gang song! I sing it whenever I hit a home run with the Braves on MLB The Show!

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