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Overfocused ADD or AD/HD (Technically the correct term for both hyperactive and non-hyperactive attention disorders ) occurs when there is a lack of Serotonin and Dopamine in the brain. The central cortex, the part that detects errors and mistakes, is in overdrive. As a result, people with Overfocused AD/HD  tend to dwell on negative thoughts and actions. People with this kind of AD/HD are obviously more focused than other AD/HD people. Many can be in a constant state of hyper focus, something that only occurs every now and then for most people with attention issues. They are more prone to sensitivity, more likely to be argumentative, stubborn, and controlling. Obsessive thoughts are frequently associated with those who suffer from Overfocused AD/HD. They can worry intensely about things they have no control over. It also makes it exceedingly hard to switch activities. Once they start something they will keep working until it's done. People with Overfocused AD/HD tend to be extremely intuitive and observant. As with all people with AD/HD, they notice extraneous stimuli. However, those who over focus, aren't as distracted by this stimuli, as others with the disorder.

I have Overfocused AD/HD, and it can really influence my life. I'll start a project, and gets caught up in it that I'll lose track of time, frequently running late to appointments or events. I'll even forget to eat or sleep, or even chose to avoid these activities, because they'll slow me down. Conversations with others can be exceedingly challenging as well. People may try to change topics, but I get so focused on one idea that I keep bringing it back up, even though the subject has changed. If I hear any criticism, I will dwell on it, getting more upset about it than I should. I also will hold a grudge forever. I can get overwhelmed by little frustrations, getting irrationally angry when overstimulated. I get so intensely focused that I obsess over seemingly insignificant details. I get so preoccupied with perfection that I will devote hours to an activity that should only take 20 minutes.

My Overfocused AD/HD also made it harder to find a diagnosis. Since I was so focused on perfection, my grades were always high, my room always clean, and my papers always organized. I was overwhelmed and frustrated by extraneous stimuli, but I wasn't as distractible as most people with traditional AD/HD. I'd notice it, get annoyed by it, and keep working. I also suffered from many of the lesser known problems associated with AD/HD like tactile sensitivity, procrastination, impulsiveness, forgetfulness, and fidgeting. It wasn't until my grades dropped in college, that I realized that I had a problem.

Overfocused AD/HD differs from OCD in a number of subtle ways. Many people with Overfocused AD/HD also suffer from hallmark AD/HD symptoms. They can be forgetful, impulsive, and disorganized. They still suffer from the decreased dopamine levels that affects most ADHD patients, so many of the symptoms carry over. However, their low serotonin levels can make them more obsessive than the traditional person with AD/HD.  Those who suffer from OCD, generally don't have a dopamine problem. They are less likely to suffer from behavior associated with attention difficulties. A lack of serotonin is generally associated with OCD, which is why the traits seem similar. However, people with OCD tend to have too much dopamine in their brain, while people with Overfocused AD/HD have too little.  

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