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My 14yr male has working diagnosis add since grade 5. Has been on concerta with great results but increased s/e he can not tolerate. 1. Loss appetite 2. Increased worry 3. Decreased ability to fall asleep.
Has been on strattera with no s/e and more mood regulation. However impulsively less controlled . He reports last 2 classes of day most difficult. He is in grade 9, good marks . We are involved parents and teach addition coping strategies . From a pharmacological perspective what could be suggested as a medication add on. He is just entering puberty. We like strattera because it doesn't cause him to become flat. Would low dose concerta be an option? He needs to focus till 4pm then again till 8 pm . We need him in bed by 10pm. He uses s/l melatonin.
Any advise would be welcomed
Sue ..

Without knowing what doses of Concerta he took, or at what exact time he took it, or how many days a week he took it,  it is impossible to advise. Next, how was the dose decided on, quessing or monitoring. Monitoring using rating scalea is essential for an optimal effective  dose. Also I need to know how he takes, when he takes and how much Melatonin he takes. Strattera is never as good as Concerta and all the side effects of Conceta  can be eliminated with knowledge and insight.  There are no long term or serious side effects to using Concerta correctly.  However some times both Concerta and Strettera may be used together.With more information I would certainly  be better able to advise you. How often do you see the prescribing doctor?

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

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