Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)/my 8yr old son


QUESTION: Hi, my son is 8 years old and was initially put on ritallin. i did not like the effect it had on him as he was like a sad puppy. i then asked for his meds to be changed to concerta. for the past 9 months he has been getting seizures(very mild, well the docs call it seizures) and the doc are saying it has nothing to do with the concerta. Liam is on Epilim as well for the past 8 months. can someone please help me on this cause the docs just keep increasing his epilim dosage but he still getting ill. do not know what to do anymore.

ANSWER: You ask that some one help. I am not someone, I am Dr. Levin. I am sure I can help but you have not given me enough information. I need to know exactly the dose of Ritalin he took and what times exactly he took it and for how long. I also need to know what dose of Concerta he gets and when you give it to him. Also the exact details of his Epilim. Has he had an EEG and what result? How often does he see the  doctor? How do they monitor his dosages?  I must know what diagnosis he has been given ? With more accurate information I will be able to help you. I see you are from the Cape province. If neccessary I can talk to you on the phone.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: hello, he took ritalin from November 2011 up until March 2013. he was on 10mg twice a day. he then started the concerta in April 2013. his dosage is 36mg in the morning. yes he did have a eeg and it did pick up seizure movements they call it. he was then diagnosed with epilepsy and is being treated by epilim 300 twice a day. does concerta cause epilepsy? if you wish yes, our may contact me via phone. however not sure if i should put my contact number in this mail.

I am sorry but I cannot help if you do not give me the required information. I requested to know exactly when he took his Ritalin. 'Twice a day" does not tell me! Concerta "in the morning" is not enough! Again, how did the doctor decide what dose to give? Is 300, 300mg? What times does he actually take his Epilim? How often is he seen by the doctor? For his Epilepsy he gets Epilim. Why is he on Concerta? You have still not given me a diagnosis. I cannot help if there is incomplete information. I observed you do not make use of capital letters when needed. Is there a reason? When did the Epilepsy start, while on Ritalin or Concerta. Both Ritalin and Concerta may prevoke but not cause Epilepsy. All this information should have been told to you by the treating doctor. Is he still having fits while on Epilim? What progress has he made at school since being treated? What does the school say? Is the doctor requesting any information from the school about his progress? What grade is you son in?Is he getting any remedial help? I will comment fully when I have the required information. Once I have enough accurate information I will try and help.  

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