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Hello my name is Kim. I have 4 children ages 10, 8, 5 and 3.  My 8 year old is giving me the time of my life grief.  There is always an issue with his behavior.  He is a great kid and very intelligent.  We have had him assessed by a child psychologist, neurologist and school counselors. All sessions were interrupted by phone calls and secretaries.....Yes I understand he needs a proper assessment. Here is Israel they want to give him a test called the T.O.V.A...after that if he needs Ritalin, i am so afraid of the after affects....I have read studies of children having suicide tendencies etc...I now give him large doses of Valerian root.  Its natural. am I wasting time.  I am going to have serious issues with him when he is older? How do I know if my other children are not going to need it too? Is Ritalin being used to much to control our society instead of using old fashioned parenting and teaching skills....? Thanking you in advance Kim.

Unfortulately your child is not the only problem you have. As ADHD is an inherited Neurological condition often needing medical treatment, Psychologists and  councillers have no training  in Neurology. TOVA is not an ideal method to assess! You have been totally misinformed about the use of Ritalin. You now have another problem! Do you listen to them or me? Perhaps Phyliss Horwitz from Ronana, a retired remedial teacher would advise you. Thereafter if you need my advice let me  know. When An Expert does an assessment the parent's are fully informed and do not flounder looking for advice. Parenting and treaching skills are not outdated.  

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

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