Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)/apraxia and adhd


which medication for adhd is best for my sons co morbid condition, we have tried intuniv 1mg daily for a year and it really slowed his speech and motor planning down.switched to adderral 5 mg and his speech cleared up some. he does take fish oil, my son is eight and in second grade.he actually just was taken off adderrall due to negative side effects and aggression that seemed to get worse on the stimulant med. due to lack of attention and focus our psychiatristvwants my son to try focalin. I am scared. any suggestions.

ARe you ready for my answer? Fish oil is totally useless! The side affects you mention are not caused my the medication but rather the incorrect use of them. What rating scales are being used to evaluate optimal doses. Focalin is just another stimulant! MY only suggestion is harsh but I have no other! see an expert. I have so before and I say it again. When parents are groping for informationthey have not been fully informed.  

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

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