Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)/son has adhd, picking at clothes


Couragetochange wrote at 2014-01-31 07:18:17
"ADHD is a disorder of the brain in which key symptoms include impulse control, over or 'hyper' activity, and difficulties with staying attentively focused.

But what are your symptoms??? check out this link

depending on your symptoms u can check out the activity books and games that are available in this link"

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

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Sharon Crandall


Behavior and learning challenges are usually caused by genetic personality traits such as; Restlessness, High Physical, Low Concentration, Wide Tolerance (spaciness), Force (anger), Aggressive, plus others. I can help in either area. As a Personality Manager I am able to read traits from facial and other physical features, but after years of working with people I can also tell about most traits just from the description of behavior.


35 years experience working with families and individuals, teaching them to understand their own traits and other's traits. I help foster caring and cooperation in families by understanding and celebrate each person's uniqueness, and learning to support one another. Often parenting challenges come from the parent not understand a child's traits, which results in the lack of tools to handle the child effectively. Personality Science gives you the tools to understand the traits that make up ADD, ADHD, and other behavior challenges, to help you manage the child's traits, often without medication; and also helps you teach the child how to manage his own traits. Understanding these traits will make a huge difference in your life!

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