Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)/Family doesn't believe in ADHD


jnystrom wrote at 2012-06-22 19:43:19
I  have a child with ADHD and yes our entire family, including myself went through a denial period. I to tried the Ritalin with little to no success. I found the drug made my child lethargic and once it wore off she would either crash or become even more hyper-active. Believe me, I tried it for a period of time to see if it would build up in her system and alleviate not only the behavior but the side effects. It did not. After doing much research I found two programs that are working for my daughter and my family. I use Play Attention  and ADHD nanny. Play Attention is a computer program that builds behavioral shaping and she loves to play it which makes it that much more easy on me. ADHD Nanny (she is young), gives me and my family tools for everyday structure to assist her. Recently divorced I found it difficult to keep her structured because of going back and forth from two homes. Now, each household uses it and it is working for her and the family. ADHD Nanny would not apply to you but you may want to look into Play Attention. I am only suggesting an alternative to medication. I know exactly how you feel, Play Attention also provides webinairs that your family could view also and maybe understand your situation better.


becky wrote at 2013-08-16 04:24:01
Hi I am sympathetic to your plight, b/c I recently self-diagnosed myself as ADHD through an online quiz, & then had it confirmed by a therapist. She said I'd have to score at least a 20 to be considered ADHD, & I had 39. I feel relieved to know there is an explanation for my behavior, & I mentioned it recently to my sister (she is 41 & I am 37) & she blew it off saying it's like people who look at horoscopes: they see what they want to see that sounds like them. She said I don't need to be getting put on meds that are going to mess with my brain. I mentioned it to my brother today (he is almost 51), & he blew it off too, saying that its just drs & pharmaceuticals in cahoots to prescribe meds to people.

I just wanted to cry b/c it hurts to not have it validated. I, too, am not trying to use it as an excuse, but want to get help. I'm going back to my therapist next week & also my fam dr on unrelated issue, & will ask one of them to prescribe me something to jump start things. I'd rather not be on meds, but I feel I need a push. My fam dr put me on Zoloft last year but I only took it for a couple months before I weaned off. I felt like it made me worse, & I lost my job as well. I have read so much on ADHD in the last few weeks & I feel better knowing there are others like me, but hurts that my family doesn't believe in it :(

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

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