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I am becoming increasingly concerned with the behaviour of my 5 year old son. He is in year 1 this year but had a rough start to schooling. He was diagnosed with a Global speech Delay when he was 3. Currently he is attending a specialised school here in Australia that help with speech development.

My concern is not with his speech and learning but with his general behaviour. For at least 2 years now we have had a struggle helping my son get to a "Happy place" in his dad to day life.

Every day is a struggle with excessive angry, tantrums, aggression, being rude, bullying his younger brother, lashing out when being spoken to and more.

He is seeing a child counselor which doesn't seem to help. I'm am struggling to maintain a positive relationship with him as the daily struggle is constant.

I don't know what to do or how to help him. Everything and i mean everything makes him angry ( he tell us that he hates us several times a day), he doesn't like to be told what to do ( he will flat out refuse to co operate when he told what to do), he will not concentrate on his homework ( gives up as soon as we start) when he is told off he will either be really smug and smirk at me and have a rather smarty pants comment to make or he will have a full blow screaming tantrum where he with slam doors, kick/hit doors and windows, hit himself and yell.

He will out right refuse to clean up, sit down to eat his dinner, play nicely with his bother or talk to me. he has a constant whinge/whine to his tone. He is extremely emotional, angry and aggravated. He will not maintain eye contact when we are talking to his or trying to explain why he has been told off. All conversations that we have with him result in us feeling unheard because he doesn't listen to us at all.

He has show violent and dangerous behaviour towards his 3 year old brother causing me to have to keep a very close eye on the two of the together. He has wrapped rope around his brother neck to a tree. The rope was so tight that i could fit a finger between the rope and his neck. He has done this twice. He hurts his brother in one way or another every day.

What has me baffled is he is well behaved at school and is academically on the right path.

The second he walks in the front door is a nightmare.

Please help, any advice would help a lot as i don't know what to do any more.

Thank you


I'm sorry to report I really don't have any magic pill to help your son. Being an advocate, I usually get involved with kids that are acting out at school. Since your son does not do this, all I can suggest is more counseling. Maybe a different counselor, maybe family counseling, maybe pediatric anger management counseling. Here is the U.S. we have local mental health agencies to refer parents and their children to.

Given the counseling he is getting is not working, you need to get him more -- the sooner the better.

I wish you and your son the best,
Tim Runner, Advocate
Advocates for Kids

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