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My child aged 5 yrs is diagnosd with ADHD and Devolopmental Language disorder last year. he is taking stimulant from monday to friday (School days at morning 8). He is able to write alphabets and numerics color some pictures etc. But when it comes to follow instructions like sit idle at a place, follow simple instructions  from his mother he fails. he is little reserve in mingling with other children also. He joined in LKG from 1st Jul 13. My phychologist advised me to follow up his progress for three to four months before consulting further.
Will he become normal by two to three years. ,


You are doing the right thing by seeking advice from your psychologist. Since your son is on medication for his ADHD, I assume he is also being treated by a medical professional, which is good. I encourage you to follow the advice from the medical professionals. Many children that are 5 years old have problems sitting idle. I assume your son is receiving therapy for his language disorder? It is important that this begin at a young age.

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Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

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