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Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)/I feel drousiness and finally get sleep when try to study..


am 28 years Old a graduate
with commerce student
preparing for banking
competition from India.
My problem is when i try
to study deep on my low
knowledge subject i feel
drowsiness and finally
get sleep during study,
and after some some time
when i gain my
consciousness again and
try to continue study
sleep repeatedly comes to
me but if that time i
change my work to
another side there is no
sleep, for instance if i
sleep coming to me
slowly during study and
my phone rings that time i
find my self ok talking on
phone and if again trying to
continue study sleep
comes again, although i
don't experience any
weakness in cycling
sporting etc. As i ride
10-20 km bicycle daily
but don't get exhausted
but practicing on math
reasoning gets tired and
sleepy and sometime feel
hungry too so unable to
think what to do?

ANSWER: Dear Swantantra,

Some people have the type of brain that works best when moving around. Do you notice how some motivational speakers move back and forth across the stage when talking and others lean against the podium in one place? I suggest you study while pacing the floor. Also, when people have low concentration it is a gift of being able to change focus quickly, which helps them in many sports and occupations. It makes it difficult for sitting and studying, however. One way to help that is to read a paragraph and then say out loud what you learned from that paragraph. After awhile it should be easier to sit and study for awhile but with your body style and brain style, you probably should not study sitting down for more than 30 minutes and then be up and jogging in place, or run around your building or something and then study again.

Try those things and please let me know if it helps. If not, please ask again and we can try other things. I wish you the best.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: sir when there is matter of study i do in that manner but when i want to practice on math or solving puzzles specially when exert my mind on tough subject, what to do is possible to make math while moving on the floor, i have to sit on a position for it and again problem starts .
What should i do in this case?

Hi.  Thanks for your reply and question. You might also try getting a stand where you can place your work while you are standing up. Also, if you had a white board where you could practice math while standing at the white board where you can work and erase easily.  

Also, your mind is very powerful. I worked with a man who was quite slow at his work, even though he did a great job. His boss had to remind him to get more done. So, every morning before he started work and on the way to work he said to himself: "I am very efficient and fast at work. I do a good job and work quickly now." It made a big difference. He was so happy because his work improved.

So, do not every say again that you fall asleep while you study, but change your thinking to say to yourself, "I have a very alert brain. I always stay awake when I study. Studying stimulates me and keeps me awake. I also easily remember what I learn. I am so happy that I stay awake now when I study."  Every time you are not doing something such as daily chores that requires no thought, repeat that statement to yourself.

Please let me know if these things work so that I can encourage others. Good luck!


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