Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)/Is ADD/ADHD a Real Illness?


IS  ADHD A REAL ILLNESS just like diabetes or hypothyroidism?

Can ADHD be cured, in 5 days like an ear infection, with antibiotics, a medical success story? What about 3 months?
Of course not, because only sicknesses can be cured. Start with Ritalin and 8 years later, you're still on Ritalin!
Now come the excuses, we are told that "It Can Be CONTROLLED NOT CURED!" And we are told that this is just like diabetes or hypothyroidism or high blood pressure!

Analogies don't work.

Dr. Levin you wrote  Here;-

"Medicating with psychostimulants is not unlike replacement therapy in a diabetic or thyroid deficient patient."

Is ADHD like diabetes or hypothyroidism (as some would have it), where Insulin is a replacement therapy for low insulin and Eltroxin a replacement therapy for low thyroid hormone? Is Ritalin a replacement therapy?

No! ADHD is not HYPORitalinosis! Nor are there any lab tests for alleged serotonin, dopamine, GABA or noradrenalin (they haven't decided which one but they're SO confident!) levels which are supposedly being rectified by Ritalin.

Is undesirable behaviour a disease?

The mind and its behaviour, are separate from the brain and therefore, undesirable behaviour is not secreted by a compromised brain the way glucose is excreted in the urine by the kidneys because of a compromised pancreas.

Can you test for ADHD with a blood test or X-Ray?

Can it actually be found from a physical examination, with specific physical features, like pneumonia can?
No! it needs 8 out of 12 YESes on a subjective questionnaire regarding human behaviour which is strategically chosen in a social, cultural context.

This newly invented disease, which is today an epidemic, did not exist 40 years ago (unlike diabetes which was described in ancient Egypt) and maybe for good reason - it doesn't exist!
The behaviour involved however does exist. There are people who don't pay attention and there are kids who fail at school.

Even within that brief 40 years, the diagnostic criteria have not remained stable.

Every time somebody writes a book, the causes, effects and diagnostic criteria of ADHD change.  

But, it is argued, "Ritalin works". Of course it works! (Rohypnol also works for what it's used for, what does that prove?)

Of course Ritalin works!
Ritalin has a PED effect (for a price), just as steroids are used in athletics, it is used as a Performance Enhancing Drug in academics.

Is this a reason for fake diagnosis, or inventing a disease? Ambitious parents may want an excuse or justification for drugging their children to make them competitive with school marks.

Cognitive enhancement in children and adolescents: Is it in their best interests?

AuthorsGaucher N, et al.
Acta Paediatr. 2013 Aug 29. doi: 10.1111/apa.12409. [Epub ahead of print]

Evidence suggests children and adolescents are consuming stimulants and non-stimulants in the hopes of improving academic performance through cognitive enhancement. As such, clinicians may be faced with requests to prescribe enhancers for their paediatric patients.

In this paper, we analyse the ethics of cognitive enhancement in paediatrics in light of the best interests standard, a guiding principle, often used to make decisions for minors in moral, legal, social and medical contexts.

Cognitive enhancement in children and adolescents does not represent an ethical ideal that societies should strive for. Furthermore, paediatric cognitive enhancement does not meet the criteria for a minimally acceptable practice, given the health-related risks posed by these medications and the coercive environments such a practice creates.

In line with a recent policy statement by the American Academy of Neurology, ethical and clinical arguments based on the best interests of paediatric patients encourage clinicians to refrain from engaging in this practice.

And yet,

Dr. Levin you wrote !! Here;-

"One cannot survive without water, a natural body requirement, never the less the drinking thereof is not an addiction. Medicating with psychostimulants is not unlike replacement therapy in a diabetic or thyroid deficient patient. Replacement therapy cannot therefore be labeled "drugging". That there are no addicts to Ritalin is therefore not surprising. "

I am willing to answer any questions on ADHD. However what actually is the  the question being asked? ADHD is not new! It was first described in about 1750 and Bradly tried to treat it in 1935 with a stimulant. There are specific external features recognizable in most patients. The medication is a safe  artificial temporary crutch to stimulate the immature left brain until it hopefully eventually matures. Unfortunately this does not always happen and many adults still need treatment  indefinitely.It does unfortunately need an expert medical doctor to succeed and medication must be monitored  regularly on a monthly basis ,using effective rating scales. There are NO major long term side effects to correct treatment. There IS a major problem with incorrect management and medical treatment world wide.
 ADHD  is a very real proven genetically inherited neurological  medical condition that can be easily diagnosed and treated by an expert. Results can sometimes be seen in as little as 10 days and neglecting the condition can have very  major serious complications for the patient, his/her family and society. as a whole. Neglecting the condition will cost any country MILLIONS.  

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

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