Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)/what is this exactly?


Hi. Im 27 and im having diffuculties with remembering things I just learned. For instance, in class the teacher is showing us something and i'd forget it seconds later. Im in school for massage therapy and this is not good. Ive always had this but I never took it serious until having a hard time focusing as well. I take medicine for epilepsy (depakote and lamictal) and my doc said I could use fish oil. Its becoming a struggle for me in school to focus. Whats going on and what should I do?

The forgetting could be due to a number of things.  If it is something that you have battled with in the past, then it might be ADHD, but if it has just started happening lately, then you would need to have a thorough medical check up to see if there is a medical root cause.

I am not a medical doctor, so can't give you medical advice, but it is possible that your medications are at the root...but you need to see your prescribing physician to see if that is true.

I don't know of a supplement or medication that will improve short term or long term memory...typically the more visual aids you have the better.  We also know from research that sleep patterns can have a huge affect on memory.  For example if you used to get 8 hours of sleep a night and now you are lucky if you get 5, that lack of quality sleep time could have a dramatic affect.  Humans are meant to be nocturnal, meaning you sleep when it is dark and you are awake when it is light...if you have changed your sleep patters to reverse those to any significance, it could be what you are experiencing.  So, think about any changes to your sleep patterns and that might make a difference.

Like I stated, it could be a multitude of things, even a change in diet that is really different from the past...but, first think about sleep, diet, then see a doctor.

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

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