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My little boy (8 turning 9 in August) struggles with completing work in class, his spelling is terrible. He looks at you, but it is as if he does not hear you. He does very well in Maths, is very quick in getting a logical reason for almost anything, can grasp technicalities easlily, but struggles in completing on time for school in the morning, he gets lost between tasks. Often looks like he is on "pause". Homework is a battle most often ending him in tears.
Sometimes you get the impression he is wasting time on purpose but I suscpect that is not the case.
He does like playing chess and can concentrate during this game.
He is a very bright young mind but these struggles to complete in class is breaking his confidence. He is also very athletic and very skinny, often he does not want to eat, sayning he is not hungry. I literally have to force him to eat sometimes, otherwise he will just skip the meal. I worry that he lack of bodyfat will hamper his brainfunction.

Please help me, do i need to take him to see somebody to help screen him, or is it just normal behaviour for his age.
If i do need to see somebody: WHO?

Kind regards Otilia Breytenbach

You are describing in detail a classic example of a genetically inherited neurological dysfunction. In other words, his left brain is immature  and anything he attempts with it would be a problem. Anything he does with his right hemisphere is talented. He has ADD and you need to see a doctor who is an expert ADD/ADHD to diagnose and treat your son. Good luck.

If you are  in South Africa contact me  (phone 0114251308)

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

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