Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)/Parents Refuse to Test Me For A.D.D


I've had a lot of symptoms of ADHD since I was 7. I was never a hyperactive child but my attention always strayed. I can get hyper focused on any subject or assignment I enjoy but if it's something that I'm not interested in I have a hard time keeping up. My grades were always good because I can teach myself things but this past year was difficult because our homework and assignments got more difficult than in the past. I abhor doing school work so most of the time I put it off or even if I'm in the process of doing it I'll get distracted or bored and only finish half of it. I do end up finishing my homework and assignments but only because my parents get really angry if I don't get good grades. I also tend to finish these assignments at 11ish o' clock because I work so slowly. My greatest struggle is when it comes to reading. Reading long passages has proven to be very difficult. I can't stay focus and cannot comprehend what I have just read. My grades have been dropping consistently over the course of the last few years. I suffered a concussion earlier in the year but it wasn't major. It took 3 months to heal completely and I was cleared by the doctors. Although I've expressed my concerns with my parents since the next coming years are important in my school career, they still continue to dismiss me every time I ask to get tested. They are still convinced my inattention is caused solely by my concussion but seeing as the symptoms have intensified as I grow older I find it hard to believe the concussion was the main cause. Even a few previous teachers have described me as "impulsive" and "a new challenge" because "they have to change [their] teaching" What should I do because I don't want my inattention to cause my grades to drop drastically in the coming years since upper level teaching is mostly lecture style and reading but my parents refuse to get my tested. I just want to have a screening or have the test done but neither of them will even listen to me anymore since I've been asking for years. Is there anyway to convince to let me at least get tested?

You didn't say how old you are, it could make a difference.  What do your teachers say, your counselor?  They are able to refer you also.  It doesn't hurt if your referred you, so your parents have nothing to loose.  It doesn't mean you will automatically go on medication.

Here are some websites that give you strategies for coping with ADD.  It's hard at first but it gets easier and your life will be so much more organized. If you think you have ADD start with 1 or 2 of these strategies now and add as you go along.  You'll be very glad you did.  It takes patience and thought.  Don't get frustrated.

The first thing you need to do is educate yourself about ADD.  CHADD is a great organization and website to learn.

These 3 sites will get you started-don't get overwhelmed-try one thing at a time.
Talk to your counselors and teachers and see what they have to say. Go from there.


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I was diagnosed (finally) with the age of 38. I always knew there was something not connecting in my brain, but little was known about ADD and ADHD when I was growing up. I know how hard it is to explain to others about your "brain patterns", idiosyncrasies and why you do and don't do what you do. I know how hard it is to keep things in order and to find those "IMPORTANT" papers you know you just had in your hands and now they are missing--right into thin air. I've been there and am still sometimes there!


I studied, attended seminars with the experts, worked with psychologists and doctors to become the "go to person" in our school district.I worked with teachers and parents to help them understand mind patterning,the options of medication or no medication and behavioral patterning.
I also have worked with adults with restructuring their lives to assist in the development of routine and organization (I must admit that I am a lot better with others than myself!!)
I am "pro" medication in most cases. For adults there are a variety of meds that can be used and combinations that work well.


"Cooperative Learning" (johnson and Johnson Method) in Exceptional Children in early 80's.
Did research on "Hooked-On-Phonics" before "they" had done any themselves!

"Cooperative Learning" (johnson and Johnson Method) in Exceptional Children in early 80's.
Did research on "hooked-On-Phonics" before "they" had any themselves!

I have a Bachelors in Speech Path and Audiology
A Masters in Educational Psychology and Counseling.
I taught for 27 years-regular ed., spec. ed., administration, teaching consultant and advocate for children and adults with ADD.

Awards and Honors
I am still optimistic that one day I WILL BE TOTALLY ORGANIZED!!

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