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Hi Dr. Billy
Hope you and yours are well.
About a month ago I went off my welbutrin. It was prescribed for adult A.D.D., and seemed to work well for years. My wife definitely noticed the difference when I 'experimented' and went off it a couple times in the past.
This time, although I feel about the same mentally in terms of the A.D.D.,(racing thoughts, distraction, etc) I am starting to get bored again-in spite of lots to do. Havent felt like that since pre welbutrin. Also, I have gained a few pounds on my belly, in spite of not eating any more, and continuing to exercise.
A little googling finds that welbutrin actually helps control blood sugar. I don't have diabetes but do have trouble digesting carbs, which bloat me up and go straight to my belly.
I think I will go back on. I felt better mentally and physically when on it.
God Bless, and thanks for your thoughts!

It is impossible to answer without doing a full neurological examination on a patient. However starting and/or stopping medical treatment is not for the layman. It requires medical expertise. Moreover there is a specific  method of planning a trial off medication intended to do no harm or hasty  impulsive actions. I would sincerely suggest you consult with a medical expert rather than experimenting yourself with you health.      
         Dr. Billy

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

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