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Hi Dr Billy and belated Happy New Year!
I am 56.I have been on Welbutrin for over 15 years now, ever since I was diagnosed with adult A.D.D.
It did seem to help, but lately I am questioning its usefullness. I am semi retired and under much less stress than before. Also, I am wondering if its side effects could be now outweighing its usefullness? I have slowly gained weight since I have been on it, and doc says I need to drop at least 20 pounds.  In spite of dieting and exercise I cant get the weight down, and doctor says my thyroid is OK. Of course I will ask my own doc, but do you think it might be better now to go off than stay on? The main reason I stay on is because my wife says it makes me calmer, but  personaly I dont see it. If I do go off, is there another pharmacuetical or natural alternative for ADD I could try? Thanks!

Firstly natural alternatives do not work. Next, Welbutrin is an antidepressant and not treatment for ADHD/ADD. However when ADHD/ADD is neglected, depression might develop. So when both exist both need treatment. A stimulant for the ADHD/ADD and an antidepressant. To establish if you still need treatment is not a guessing game! A rating scale like the Conners completed by you and your wife independently is evaluated by an expert on a monthly basis to establish firstly if you still need treatment and to establish if your treatment is working. A Hamilton scale is used for the depression.  
I hope I have not been too outspoken but I felt duty bound to answer your question once you had asked.  

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

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