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hello,my son is 10 and has been on ADHD medication for 3 years.  He is short to begin with,he doesn't really eat on meds, so he's a size of a 2nd grader.  It affects his already fragile self-esteem, on top of the fact that he literally only have 1 (on and off)friend.  His anxiety and slight OCD, mixed with my parental instabilities due to my mental health issues makes for a very stressful household, affecting finances, my ability to hold down a job as we've been dealing with school refusal, his little brother's behavioural problems at school (just got diagnosed) etc. We are getting medication reviewed tomorrow and I'm trying to make sure we are prepared.  He is on Risperdal, Clonidine and Vyvanse.  They are helping but I'm really worried about long term side effects, also he's still very angry and impulsive.  Any thought would be appreciated.  Thanks

From what you have  described, I can only first sympathize and then state it would appear that the treatment your son is getting is totally wrong and as parents have not been fully advised about the condition. Obviously as I have not assessed or examined your child I can only pass an option based on what you have told me. If you want me to try let me know.

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