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I have recently (about 60 days now) been prescribed ADD. Vyvance at first, but it didn't last long and made me grouchy, which is something very alien to my normal demeanor. Within the last I was prescribed Adderall 30mil and I'm humming incessantly. So much so that my throat is raw. I've tried to stop but it's almost as if I have no control over this tic. I use my voice to my job and I'm losing it.  Please assist.

Hello Jolynn,

I am not a doctor so I cannot tell you to stop your medication. I can say that I would not allow my children to receive such medications. Read the side affects carefully then decide for yourself.

It is my experience that the so-called symptoms of ADD and ADHD can be explained by personality traits. You can work on them and learn to direct those traits to the positive. Each trait has both the advantage and disadvantage. And what usually needs done is to find an occupation where you use the advantage of your traits.

For example: The trait of Low Concentration makes it difficult to concentrate on  one thing at a time but it is a gift of being able to change focus quickly and multi-task. If you were overseeing a large room of people on sewing machines, for example, you would be able to quickly change focus and observe when someone is not working when they should be, having trouble with their machine, notice problems that need solved to help get better productivity, etc. A person with high concentration would have difficulty because they get focused on one thing so intensely that they miss too many things they should have picked up.

Some people have difficulty in their jobs because they are not built to learn/perform well while sitting down. They are good on their feet and have a high need to move around and so they need a job where they are moving around, not sitting in one place.  These are a couple of examples of so-called symptoms that can be solved just by understanding your own trait pattern.

If you could tell me where you are having problems in as much detail as possible. I will be happy to give you some suggestions as to what to do.  There is a product you can take that helps feed the brain that might be helpful, along with understanding and working on your traits that might be better for you than medication. I do not sell it but know where to buy it.

Now, one more comment about low concentration.  You can practice concentrating and increase your powers to concentrat by sitting down and reading or doing a task that requires thinking and concentration by setting a timer and use all your mind to concentrate on that one thing. When your mind starts to think about something else you say in your mind, "I am thinking about reading this book right now and nothing else", then immediately go back to reading or your task. Our minds are wonderful things and we can learn to control our minds.

Yoga is another excellent way to learn to control your mind and with no side affects except good ones!

So, let me know what "symtoms" you have that made the doctor think you have ADD and maybe I can help you.


Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

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