Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)/ADHD/ADD or simply intensity?


Hi Dr. Levin,

I recently turned 22 and was finally identified as gifted about 3 years ago after years of championing the testing on a hunch.

Multiple people (including a pediatrician) have suggested that I may have ADD or ADHD and I don't think this is accurate, as I am able to focus on things that interest me with no problems for hours on end.

I feel that simple intensity is the culprit and was hoping to get your advice, as I am classically intense.

If I'm not being challenged mentally, which is often unless I have an anatomy book in hand (I'm planning on pursuing a Ph.D in biology), I get restless and impatient; I love physical activity and seem to have energy in spades.

I also talk a lot and when I do, it can be rather rapid and seem to go from one thing to another. My mind flits from one exciting subject to the next and I can't seem to get everything out fast enough.

When I do have proper stimulation, I can sit quietly for hours, blissfully engrossed. Without it, I want to be on the move, whether that be walking, running, jumping. When I can't burn off this physical and mental energy, I don't sleep well because my mind won't shut off and my body isn't tired.

I feel like I am exhausting to some people and that they aren't sure quite what to do with me.

Sitting still, as I said, is not a problem as long as I have proper challenge, but I would very much appreciate your thoughts.

Thank you very much for your time!

Obviously without doing a full neurological examination I can only speculate on the information you have provided. However what you have stated appears to me as a classical description of ADHD. As an inherited neurological dysfunction the problems are very related to the person's IQ. The higher the IQ the easier the person copes. Also the condition may vary from mild to severe. It is very obvious you have not been fully informed about the details of what ADHD is actually is and is not. Go to <> in the UK and review some of the articles I have written. If you need more help contact me again through <>.

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