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For a few years I've been feeling very mentally fatigued. The cause of it was mononucleosis, but after a while I couldn't get any better. I've seen a few doctors and they told me to take antidepressants. They were not helpful and now I'm being recommended to take Aderrall to treat my concentration problem that is a result of my fatigue.
Do you think I have ADHD? Will taking Aderrall be harmful with/without ADHD at all?

What ever other medical condition you might have, it should be treated by an expert.
However as far as ADHD is concerned, you should see and expert who will examine you and assess if you have ADD/ADHD. You should NOT take medication for ADD/ADHD if you do not have this condition. Aderrall is safe but must be correctly used for the correct condition.  

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

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