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My daughter has been diagnosed with ADHD and I'm trying to make the decision of whether or not to medicate her. One of my biggest concerns has to do with how long she can safely take adderall. Of course, I would hope that she would find other coping mechanisms and only take it for a short time, but in a worst-case scenario, if she became heavily dependent and felt that she needed to take it for life - is that something she could do safely, or is adderall only meant to be used for something like 15 years max?

Firstly ,you have my sympathy. Questions like you have pose imply unfortunately you have little knowledge of ADHD . If you have seen an expert doctor he would have given you all the answers. You need an in depth discussion but I can only be brief in a computer answer. If you want some more answers go to <> in the UK. They have published many of my articles. Medication is very seldom life long but may be for a few years. The decision is made by an expert and the parent usually accept the doctors opinion with confidence. When medicated specific monitoring methods are used to ascertain the ideal and optimal dose given every day. The law states a months supply is given so  as to reevaluate monthly and discuss and eliminate problems and to check if progress is being made. The medication used for ADHD is not addictive but obviously must not be abused. Some patients do not out grow their problem and we call it medication as long as needed. Treatment is not just medication. As I do not have her age I cannot comment on what else she would need besides medication. Is she an adult or a child? I hope I have been a  little help.

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