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Dear Doctor, What effect will Ritalin have on somebody who has been examined, and diagnosed to Not have ADD nor ADHD? i.e. A so called normal person. Can such a person also use Ritalin to improve his academic performance? Let's say a normal university student wants to use Ritalin to cram for exams, a chess player wants to use Ritalin for competitive advantage or a party goer wants to stay up all night? May Ritalin be effective in a normal person as a recreational drug?

What is the so-called paradoxical effect?
I personally have hypothyroidism, and my doctor gave me Ritalin as a stimulant explaining to me the paradoxical effect.
What about using Ritalin to treat fatigue?
Thank you.

If ADHD is right brain dominance and left brain immaturity stimulants boost the immature side to establish normality. That is left brain dominance. Taking stimulants when the left brain is dominant makes no sense and has very little value. If you have hypothyroidism it would be sensible to use thyroid hormone to replace you deficiency. Ritalin cannot solve your problem. There is no such thing as a paradoxical effect. When Ritalin is given for hyperactivity it boosts the left brain's functions increasing impulse control and the ability to first think before doing. Thus the hyperactivity is reduced as a result of the left brain's functions been boosted. Ritalin has some antidepressant action but otherwise it boosts the immature left brain. If there is no immature left brain it cannot help. That is, brain damage and low IQ cannot really benefit with Ritalin.

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