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Hello, my son is 6, starting grade 1 in a week.  He has ADHD, separation anxiety, verbal articulation delay and soiling.  We were hoping he'd mature over the summer, but the lack of routine actually made his problems worse.  Our pediatrician gave him Vyvanse last year but we haven't been able to give it to him regularly, also his school Behavioural Modification Plan had worked quiet well.  He has 2 older siblings with similar diagnosises, also myself with ADD, Bipolar, Borderline Personality Disorder, Sleep Disorder, Eating Disorder, Major Depression, Obesity.  My lack of parenting skills and low energy combined with dealing with 3 children with emotional and Behavioural problems 24/7 has greatly impacted our family life.  Now I'm worried that my son will stand out like a sore thumb in class and kids will freeze him out, just like in JK when he caused lots of class disturbance, example: class needed to be evacuated until he calmed down, also he is very loud.  He doesn't nave any friends (none of us has) and we don't really socialize so he doesn't even have a chance to practice how to be normal.  My question is:  would holding him back in SK help him or make him feel worse about himself?  I just want him to be happy and have a healthy self-esteem.

It sounds like you have your hands full. I'm normally opposed to holding kids back a year, but there are notable exceptions. Based on what you have shared, it is very possible this could be the best course of action for him. You don't say if he has qualified for special education. If so, his IEP Team should address this issue with your inputs. If he has not qualified, you need to request in writing that he be assessed. Normally, a medical diagnosis of ADD/ADHD should qualify him in the category of OHI (Other Health Impaired). You should talk to the principal about all this. Holding him back will require that he be in a pre-kindergarten, preferably one intended for special needs kids where he will get more attention in a small class and help.  

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

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