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QUESTION: I have always been good at seeing things logically. I can fix things and put things together and am very good at problem solving. I have always felt like the weird girl though. I have never been the cheerleader type. I don't have "girlfriends" and have always had guy friends. I rarely did my homework even though it was very easy for me. I just felt like it was too much of a pain. I was always good at getting things done in the eleventh hour and managed to skate through school. I always got A's on tests and finished before anyone else, but my lack of doing homework always hurt my grades. I am now married and have a "real" job. Since I have been married (5 years)and since I have had my new job (2 years), I am hearing a lot of things like "you are just so absent" or "sometimes you seem distracted". It is really starting to affect my boss's opinion of me and my relationship. I feel like I have so many good ideas and better ways of doing things that make more sense at work, but my constant "forgetting" and distractibility has made my boss a bit weary of my competence. I tell myself that it is just because she is not giving me a chance to prove to her that my way is better because I keep forgetting to do the day to day stuff and am wrapped up in my own pet projects that I get so excited about but never finish. My boss gets really irritated by my little idiosyncrasies. At home, I have trouble with my husband. He gets so annoyed with me all of the time and I think "What's the big deal?". He gets mad and just keeps on and on about it. So I forgot! So what! I'll do it right now! I am a person who says Ok, here is the problem and here is the solution, problem solved. He just wants to talk about the problem forever and the problem is apparently me. I finally talked to my doctor and he put me on Concerta. I will begin my Rx tomorrow. I guess I feel like things make sense to me but it makes everyone around me get so frustrated. Is this normal for people with ADD? Do I have ADD or am I just annoying? I also sleep a lot and have been medicated for depression and anxiety in the past. I also am CONSTANTLY rearranging furniture and painting walls  3 and 4 times in 5 years because it just isn't right yet. I have to have a project to work on or I go crazy. I also like "starting over" and it appears that I am now stuck in this mortgage, marriage, and job forever. I need a new project. Please tell me if this sounds like ADD and is all of this normal for people with ADD (not hyper) and if the medicine will help me without stealing my creativity.

ANSWER:  You describe an untreated high I.Q ADD (not ADHD) who would certainly benfit from stimulant medication like Concerta, as long the dose was optimal. This must be evaluated by your doctor, with rating scales as anything less than optimal will not be effective. On an effective dose your creativity will not suffer. Treatment is every day and councilling for you and your partner will make it even better. Treatment is not a cure, but a stepping stone to make it easier for you to help yourself. The treatment is long term, not a quick fix. Good luck!

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QUESTION: I took an onlie IQ test and scored 125. How would I get a hold of a REAL IQ test? What do you mean by "optimal"? My starting out dose is 18mg.

Concerta comes in 18,27, 36, 54 and if required up to 72 mg. How does the doctór decide which to start with. By using rating scales and short acting Methylphenidate it takes about 10 days to establish the tótal optimal  dose for the day. This allows one to prescribe the exact dose of Concerta knowing it is going to work.  A qualified Psychologist does IQ testing when required.

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

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