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How to Attract the Man of Your Dreams/Does he still miss me and love me?


My bf n I r in long-distance relation, having met at the time he ws here for a week 2 months back.
We had a breakup and it happened 10 days back, on my bday :(
A guy (younger n just an FB frnd) posted on my wall wishing me happy bday. My bf saw tht n got really angry seeing him as my frnd coz I myself had told him once that this guy feels tht m good-looking.
Now, my bf is so angry tht he's nt talking to me since tht day. He called me names n said m giving u independence frm me as ur bday gift. I ws really broken n tried contacting him. He didnt pick up my calls, blocked me on fb. He even msgd all his frnds sayin tht he doesnt want to talk abt me now. I mailed n msgd him several times since then.. We had talked twice n he says he's nt interested anymore. I spend my days crying over here bt as I talked to his frnds, they all tell me how normal his life is goin on n I saw his Twitter a/c too. He has been tweeting a lot lately. I don't know if he's happy or he's just showing to me. Coz I can't believe he can leave me (though he's very angry) as he ws head over heels in love with me.
I know its been a very short-term relation but it ws the first time for both of us n we both loved each-other so much. Our families are also aware.
Now, he's coming to India on new year (the plan tht ws made when everything ws fine btwn us) n I don't know wthr he'll be willing to see me now. What should I do? Well, I become so impatient, I msg him something or the othr everyday. He doesn't reply.
How easy it is for guys to move on :(
If all we meet, what can I do to bring him back to me?

Hello Hema!

I think you should take that birthday gift of "independence" and give him one in return: "distance".

Hema, first of all, this is a long-distance relationship ("LDR") and LDR's ALWAYS have these exact same sorts of problems! You don't have a real relationship at all. You have one that is built entirely up in your own mind. You're hurting over something that isn't even real. Yes, I know you feel it, but that's all it is. It's like the steam coming off a hot cup of coffee - a wisp that goes as quickly as it comes.

Don't you deserve something more than that? I think you do. Hurting and wanting over this guy that is too far away to have anything real is a huge waste of your time, energy and emotion! It's time to get healed and to move on to something real.

He's not replying to you, he's mistreating you and you're worried about whether he'll come to see you over New Years? Hema - stop it already! Get hold of yourself and get healed already. As long as you hold on to this, that's not going to happen.

Best regards...

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