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Dr. Neder,
I was in a six-week bible study group organized by my very large church recently.  There was a man in the group who I thought was handsome and interesting.  You could tell that he was painfully shy and whenever I looked at him he looked down (but then I felt him looking at me when I was looking in another direction).  Anyway, yesterday was our last meeting and I think he was waiting on me to leave to try to leave with me.  As we were leaving together (yes!) someone called my name and ran up to me as if she had something important to tell me.  It turns out that she was telling me that she thought me and the man I "liked" should go out.  Ironically, her running up to me prevented me from leaving with him and might have made me lose my opportunity.  I went outside and didn't see him, so I walked towards my car.  He then came out and started walking in my direction (but on the other side of the street), but then I got into my car, way too shy to see if he really was interested (which was so stupid!)  Anyway, is this a lost opportunity?  I know his email from the group emails that were sent.  Should I email him?  Would that be lame?  Did I totally screw up by not running up to him to talk to him?  
Thank you!

Hello Teresa!

ABSOLUTELY you should email him!

Teresa, these chances don't come along every day. Life is funny like that. You have to go after them when you get them - or risk beating yourself up over the opportunity-lost.

Here's what I suggest:

Email him to just ask him how he enjoyed the bible study and to wish him a happy holiday and then see what becomes of it. It's not weird at all. What would be "weird" would be for you to be interested in him and then do nothing hoping that somehow things will just happen all by themselves.

Seize the day!

Best regards...

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