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How to Attract the Man of Your Dreams/How to attract the soulmate or other half?


Dear Rhapsody Love,

I feel like I get turned down buy guys all the time. I want to attract the kind of man I like. I am into that edgy rock look so I am a bit of a punk rocker. Though I want to be with someone like me with that image but I want some one who is clean and trusting. I will not give my self up for a guy when they just want one thing. I had a lot of sexual abuse and hurt in the past. I been lead down a road where they play with my emotions. I have a different belief set I am a psychic medium too I dont jump into the dating scene and say to a guy oh before you date me I am this I let him explore me. I am 27 years old looking for love and just want to be with that person and be happy. I want marriage and kids. A guy who is spiritual like I am. I guy who works and pays his bills on time who has good traits likes to be with family and friends have fun and live a little. Is social butterfly but when it comes to his girl is very faithful. I want someone who is trusting and not some druggy.

I it seems the world nowadays is that. I just wanted to find that mr. right. Who is into the same things as me but a bit different. I also would like a guy who works out and focus on his health because thats important how is a husband going to take care of his children when he is unhealthy? Where is the goal in that. I would like someone who drives so we can go to places but problem here is my mom is overly protective and that throws them off too. She even wants to go on a date with me on the first date of the guy. I said mom thats a nono. when it comes to dating let the kid experience what its like because how is he or she going to know. I really have hard time here I been focusing on my weight and health I lost 45 lbs and going great I just wanted to ask how do I get a good looking hunk who is like me and dresses like me. Where are the guys located that are single? I dont want a smoker and someone who starts trouble I want a calm but witty spiritual person able to share good laughs. I never been on a date so they leave right before we even go on a date what am I doing wrong and I know its not my spirituality... I just want that man in my life where I am happily married with kids and living life. D:


I know someone who sounds similar to you and she found the kind of guy you say you want. He's not perfect in that he's losing his hair at a young age and he doesn't smoke because he was an asthmatic and still has allergies, but otherwise he's healthy. He met her protective grandmother and she seemed to like him. They're both goth, but he's still a gentleman.

He met her from a friend of a friend, but there are many ways of meeting someone similar to you. There are online forums that seem to work in helping people with similar interests to hook up; Meet Up is one. Clubs and concerts where you can meet someone who likes the same kind of music and might dress similarly to you.

Definitely don't let your mother go on a date with you. If she keeps you from going to clubs somehow, then you have to decide if pleasing your mother is more important than finding someone. You need to be able to go out to places where a man like that would be.

All the best,

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