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Hi my name is Julia i am 18 years old and i love a boy he is 16 years old...He is shy and i am shy,  i have a crush on him for 2 years and i do not know how to tell him i like him or how to attract him...We once went with our families to the forest and he starred at me but when we sat at the table to eat everytime i would look at him he looked at me at the same time..and when we went back home i sat next to him in the car...he was smiling at me looking in the eyes...He asked me if i was coming to his Prom and i said yea because i have some friends and i would go visit him..but wait a minute i said this only to my mom when we were eating how could he hear if he was in front of me...the desk was wide...when i did not have any questions he begane asking me...please tell me how to attract him because i really love him...would he accept me or be afraid...what should i do i know he will not do the move because he is shy like some conditions im not shy..!

Hey Julia!

Oh you shy people!  Make everything so difficult.  Just kidding, of course!

As a girl, your only real job is to make the path to taking the initiative easier for the guy.  What I mean by this is that you don't really have to do anything overt, you can just give him the right hints and if he's interested, he'll pick up the courage and take charge.

Eye contact followed by a smile is the simplest way.  In fact, if you just continue doing that long enough, it should be enough.  No need to get stalker-ish and stare at him all day, but if you notice him looking at you, be sure to return his gaze and smile if you can, just briefly.  This may be pretty hard for shy people; you may feel self-conscious and pull your gaze away, but that would be misinterpreted as DISINTEREST, so gather up your courage and hold that gaze for just a second or two!

If that doesn't work you might want to try some simple verbal instigators: just greet him when you can or ask him how he is.  This may help him to spark some conversation with you next time.  Don't feel obliged to go any further than that; Just wave and walk away, and keep trying it until he gets the courage to start a conversation with you himself.  During the conversation, be sure your body language is showing that you're interested in him as well: make eye contact, face him, some light touching (on the shoulder or knee or something like that) are clear signals that you feel comfortable with him, and he should then start feeling comfortable with you, too.

There is a lot more to this, and if you are interested, I recommend the book How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You by Leil Lowndes.  You may not be comfortable with all of the stuff in there, and that's ok; you don't have to do all of it, and you certainly don't have to do everything EXACTLY as she says.  Being authentic is key to being attractive, so if any advice in that book or elsewhere doesn't feel like "you", you don't need to adhere to it.

Hope that helps!  And good luck!

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