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Hi My name is Julia I am 18 years old and i love a boy he is 16 years old ... He is shy and i am shy, i have a crush on him for 2 years and i do not know how to tell him i like him or how to attract him ... We once went with our families to the forest and he starred at me but when we sat at the table to eat everytime i would look at him he looked at me at the same time .. and when we went back home i sat next to him in the car ... he was smiling at me looking in the eyes ... He asked me if i was coming to his Prom and i said yea because i have some friends and i would go visit him .. but wait a minute i said this only to my mom when we were eating how could he hear if he was in front of me ... the desk was wide .. . when i did not have any questions he begane asking me ... please tell me how to attract him because i really love him ... would he accept me or be afraid ... what should i do i know he will not do Move the Shy Because he is like me in some ... Conditions Shy .. im not!

Hello Julia!

If you want him to be your boyfriend, treat him like your boyfriend.

You already have a close friendship and plenty of connection. The only thing you're missing is to take it to the next step. Considering that you're both painfully shy (and why is that? It's such a waste of your time!) somebody has to make a move here or things are going to be just like they are now again in 2 years!

Call him or see him and invite him to spend time with you. Get to know him. Find out what he likes and what's important to him and tell him what you enjoy as well. Go try some things together - some of his things and some of yours.

If you (or anyone!) will just get something moving rather than focusing on how shy you are, things will change - but not before.

Get going already!

Best regards...

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