How to Attract the Man of Your Dreams/what is apropriate?


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I have been in a hurtful, emotionally abusive relationship and still am. I am thinking about getting out of it and am thinking about if I start dating would a guy be repelled by me if I wanted to share things about my emotionally abusive relationship or could I even tell him that it happened to me? If I can then how many dates would I need to go on before sharing this wit him. I would want to share these things with him so I would feel understood by him . I am thinking hopefully in the future but have nothing going on in the present .


first, get rid of the abusive guy; next, meet/date those you may be interested in; if you start seeing one particular guy for a month or so, and you are asked or the subject arises as to past relationships, then tell him; if he likes you, no reason your past be an issue for him...

How to Attract the Man of Your Dreams

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