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Hi Brian-
Thank you for your time and service. I connected with a guy 3 weeks ago through online dating. We chatted for a week non stop. We kept trying to meet up but our schedules wouldn't let it us. Our talking slowed, then stopped altogether. A week ago, he asked me to dinner out of the blue (after a week of no communication). We had a GREAT time! We talked for hours, exchanged really personal stories, laughed a lot. It went on till morning. When it came time to say goodbye, I felt so worried I'd never hear from this awesome connection again that I did all the things they say not to do. I practically begged for him to call me again soon.
In retrospect, I know I came off too eager. It's been a week. He hasn't contacted me and I sent him a text that went unanswered. If I send him a message acknowledging that I came on too strong and saying I hope we can at least be friends... Is that a bad move?

Hi Priscila!

Sorry to hear about what happened.  The first stages of dating are a trepidatious time, it's important to enter slowly and with caution!  Anyway, I'm not here to scold you; the past is the past, and it seems like you learned from your experience, which is a good thing.

While I wouldn't quite say that contacting him yet again is a bad move, per se, it does seem like a futile one at this point.  There's nothing that makes me think that if he ignored your last email he's going to respond to this one.  Still, there isn't any harm in yet.

Basically, I would just say that if you are going to send this email to try and foster a friendship, do so without any expectations or even hopes.  While there are no risks, there are no guarantees, either.  You may get a response, but odds are against it.

Hope that helped, and better luck next time!

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