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Hello doctor

I ama 43 years woman and i amnot attractive, I amobese , I smell funny, I have hyperhydrosis and a sagging belly,plus I am very shy. I just feel like " why bother?" I am fat already so why  even try to attract a man, they will leave me anyway. well my problem is, I live in Africa and I have my young sisters and my two nieces who are in their 20's who spend their free time "stealing" my boyfriend or any man i am interested in.  They send their people to threatened me if I dare to say something. I finally met someone who seemes like he accepted me the way I was but now he is with those girls and he beat me twice. I live in Africa wherethe police is corrupted and I cannot press charges aginast them because they slept with police officers. What can I do to find love in such an atmosphere?  I had a c-section and My sagging belly isreally depressing me;i feel so inferior and I am very shy and very sensitive. Can you help me in that situation?

Hello Patricia!

You have quite the self-fulfilling cycle going on there! You're fat because you don't care and you don't care because you're fat. Since you don't care, you don't exercise or take care of yourself which not only keeps you fat it also limits your motivation.

That's some cycle!

There's a lot being made today of "beautiful at any size" - a cruel and ridiculous marketing campaign that many women are falling into. I'm sorry to tell you, it simply isn't true. It's one thing to be a healthy size, it's entirely another to be obese. These companies (and sadly even many experts) actually take advantage of some women's ignorance, naivety and compelling, corrupting desire to believe and the net result is that; you're simply not going to change culture - no matter how hard you believe.

The fact is; women's dating/relationship "currency" (your perceived value) is your health and vitality. You say you're not "attractive", but I'll bet you would be with a little effort. Every woman CAN BE beautiful if she just learns how. I personally have never met a truly ugly woman. That doesn't mean that women can't BE ugly if they choose and many (unfortunately) do.

That's where you are right now. You're choosing to be ugly and I think that's tragic.

It's not that being skinny is the answer either. As I said, it's about health and vitality. You can't look (or less likely, BE) either of these if you're obese.

Here's a little secret most women don't know about men: we're not all about how you look. The problem you face however is that your looks are the key to the door. Very few men are going to approach you if you don't offer some perceived value. Once they DO approach however, it takes far more than a toned tummy and perky breasts to keep him. That's where your skills come in.

An important point to make here is that everything we're talking about are things you are in complete control of! You don't have to be obese - that's a (poor) choice. You don't have to lack good, solid relationship skills - that's another choice.

You don't have to be "ugly" either! Take a look at these pictures of porn stars with and without makeup:

You'll notice one thing right off the bat: most of these girls are rather "average" (some even homely!) without all the help. They use what they have and augment what they don't. You can do exactly that too!

In other words, you can fix all these problems! You aren't stuck (or even defined) by your current "look" you have complete control over most of it.

Consider too just how important your skills are. A man isn't going to fall in love with you because you're good in bed, but trust me, if you are, you'll keep him around long enough to work your magic on him. No man who's sexually drained is ever out looking for a better deal. No man who is getting everything he wants and needs at home is out looking either. That is 100% based on your skills as a lover and partner.

So, the bottom line is this: stop setting yourself up to fail! It's time to get to work on yourself and start being someone who can compete (and win!) against younger, thinner women! You have the advantage of experience. All you need now is the effort to match it and you're completely back in the game.

Don't give up. Get angry and CHANGE things.

Best regards...

Dr. Dennis W. Neder
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