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QUESTION: I met the man of my dreams, Noel two years ago and he and i have something special. He is one of my best guy friends and I have learned so much from him. He is a wise soul and he isn't a typical man...really he isn't. Lol. He doesn't have sex until he is in a serious relationship and he is very spiritual like myself. I know he cares a lot about me...I hardly see him and last August we almost went all the way but I stopped him because I felt like we weren't ready. He tells me he cares a lot about me but he always holds himself back. He isn't ready for a relationship. I don't know why...he is focused on his career and goals.
There are other men in my life but I am not into. One man named Luis who is very established in his career but I don't want to marry him or am I in love with him. Noel I am in love with...isn't established because he is younger.
Last night he said that he didn't want to sleep with me because he didn't want me feeling a certain way where I think he is using me and he didn't want that. This was after some crazy girl making a hate page of him because she was jealous. He says something to me so beautiful but sad."Don't fallf or me right now."
I found the one...just the wrong time. I don't get it.

ANSWER: Hi Alison,

I also fell in love with a young, ambitious man who was not ready for a committed relationship. I convinced him to continue to see me and not to see it as me tying him down. We dated for 5 yrs. before we got engaged and were engaged a year before marriage. That may seem like a lot of time, but if he's the one, he'll be worth it.

Good luck!

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QUESTION: Thank you. He doesn't believe in marriage and doesn't plan on having kids. I know this will happen for him in the future but not sure with us or not. We do have something special but to be honest I don't want to put all of my energy into a man by waiting and hoping. I lost over three years to my last boyfriend because he couldn't commit and I realized towards the end that I could do better...I blossomed and my career started to take off. He loves me or course and regrets losing me forever...but this new man...not sure just have to let it flow as I continue to live my life.

Thanks for the rating. It sounds like you know this man well enough to decide if his goals are your goals.

I waited because I knew my husband eventually wanted marriage and children without a doubt, which is what I wanted. I also knew he loved me. He could have loved someone else and left me, but I thought it was worth the risk.

I like the "let it flow" plan and as you continue to live your life, he may become more a part of it or you may find someone else. I wish you well.

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