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I have lived 2 hours away from Los Angeles and 4 hours away from San Francisco....These areas are where I find men who are into:

Creating music, books
Nature lovers
Animal Lovers

NO one..and I mean NO one, in the town I live in for 7 INTO ANY OF THIS...NOT AT ALL.

Do I have to MOVE to get someone?  I am successful where I am.

Most men from Los Angeles or San Francisco do not want to drive here and I feel the same way......

I am 58....was married 20 years....single for 7 and not meeting anyone from around here...they are all long distance

Hello Angela!

You absolutely don't want to start up a long-distance relationship. The sad fact is, LDR's never work out.

That's a pretty vast area you're talking about. Just because you haven't met someone like this yet doesn't mean they aren't there. I'm sure they are. The way you're going about meeting them may be the biggest challenge, but let's step back a second here. Why do they need to have those specific qualities?

I'm assuming that the qualities you've listed describe you, but why do they have to define your "dream guy"? What's wrong with someone who isn't vegetarian? What's wrong with someone who doesn't meditate? What's wrong with someone who isn't into yoga, etc.?

There are some qualities that should match but it's absolutely not necessary for all of them - even most of them - to match.

If this is your "must-have list", I'm going to bet there are at least a few more. Likely many more. I try to get my clients to be flexible on their must-have lists. Having different perspectives is often a very good thing. You don't have to ascribe to them. All you have to do is to respect them just as you expect your guy to respect your choices. Most of these are smaller issues but that even goes for the biggies like religion, politics, etc.

Now, with that said you likely live in an area with over 100,000 people within a 50-mile radius. If you're only using one or two methods to meet people and those methods haven't panned out it's time to expand your "sphere of influence". There are actually many, many ways to meet new people! In my book, "1001 Places and Techniques to Meet Great Women" there are actually far more than just 1001 ways for guys to meet girls and there are far more ways for women to meet guys too.

What you've tried so far hasn't been successful and thus, it's time to change things up and go a different direction. Yes, you can move too if that's what you want, but I don't believe it's necessary.

Best regards...

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