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I messaged my cousins friend on Facebook a while back saying how are you and how was your day. He never answered. Then I messaged him a few weeks later asking if he wanted to hang out sometime. I was not meaning to go out on a date just hangout. And he did not answer. Now I want to try one more time to get him to notice me on Facebook. I never see him anywhere or have never really talked to him. I'm new to dating and can be shy. I'm 22 but look 14. What should I do and what should I say to him to get him to message me back? I want to try one more time to see if he will answer back this time and hoping he will if I can say something that he will want to reply to.


Hi Taylor,

Thank you so much for your question. Sometimes chatting on Facebook or having small talk with other people can be scary and we can avoid it. I want to acknowledge you for taking steps to connect with him.

Question for you, are you just messaging him on Facebook expecting a response or are you posting about your life and your interests?  It can be intimidating to want to talk to someone if we are not sure which topics to start with. You can post about recipes that you like, activities that you have participated in, movies or books that you enjoy. This will open things up for conversation.

Also, I would encourage you to get involved in activities that interest you. Resources like "" are good for this. They have events that are related to different interests and topics. Through joining a meetup and participating in different activities, you are likely to make new friends and meet new dating prospects. You will also have something to post about on Facebook.

So instead of focusing on how to get him to respond to you, choose to respond to yourself. This means taking part in activities that interest you and allow your light to shine bright.

I also want to invite you to take advantage of a free report that I offer. This report is a self-assessment where you will get to learn how to take charge of your love life and create results that you love in your relationships.  You can claim your free report at

Much love!

Bee Loving Bee Wise,


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