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QUESTION: Hi there,

I am 29 years old and I have been in a lot of unhealthy bad relationships when I was younger. My most recent one was when I was 23, ending when I was 27. It was such a break-through that I moved on with myself and realize that I deserve better and I don't have to suffer anymore. I have grown so much sense then.  I have never really been in a healthy serious relationship where he introduces me to his family or me bringing my bf to my family who happens to live in the west coast and I live in NYC. They never make their way to visit me...another story.
I see so many friends/people around me who already had so much of that experience that I lack. I never gone out to an event with my boyfriend, taking pictures or him showing me off. I have dated guys who treated me this way but it never gone father than that.
I never spent the Holidays with my bfs. A lot of the relationships I am in are private, physical relationships or dating relationships.
I hope one day it will turn into something serious and special. I am a smart girl and I know what I want but I am also not shallow. My girlfriend who is 30 tells me,"Life's not a race. Chill out mama!"  Which is true but she already has been in five serious relationships, been engaged twice under the age 30 and just found the one.
I hope my pattern/cycle will change and I am slowly seeing the changes. Like last weekend a man who I am friends with/dating who is an actor/film maker where we will be working together took me out...he wasn't embarrassed to introduce me to a few of his friends and we kissed in public, not in front of his friends but before we head over to the other place.
I pray, visualize and I ask GOD when it will be my turn but I know I have been so focused on my career and my finances has been holding me back...its been rough. :(

ANSWER: Hi Alison,

Thank you so much for your question. Your courage and vulnerability is admirable. What I am hearing you say is that you want to manifest a rockin' relationship and that up until now, you have not been able to do that. I understand that this is very frustrating and heart-breaking.  

Right now, you are in the phase of manifestation where you are very much aware of what you lack or do not have. Admitting this is essential for manifesting what it is that you do want to have.  You have also reached out for support in having what you want through talking with friends and through asking me for assistance. All of this exactly the beginning of what you get to do to have the results that you want.

I am hearing you say that you really want to have a meaningful, connected, and public relationship with a man who treats you well. Through visualizing this and praying for it, you CAN manifest it. You have already begun the process through the date that you went on with the actor/film-maker. This is wonderful progress!

You did not ask me anything specifically, but I feel that you would like assistance in creating further clarity and in finding out what you can do to stop old patterns  and to maybe have the results you want more quickly.

For this reason, I highly recommend that you go to my website and take the Love Life Makeover Quiz. In this quiz, you will gain insight into something called your "relationship hell" archetype. Relationship hell is the opposite of relationship bliss. Knowing your "relationship hell" archetype can give you insight into healing old patterns and manifesting results that you love in your love life.  

You can take the quiz at

Bee Loving Bee Wise,


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for getting back to me. I finally took the quiz and my result was a DOORMAT. Almost 30 and a doormat. I am getting better but just been so focused on my career.
The guy I was telling you about is just awesome, attraction, connection however he has a girlfriend he has been with for about five years I am guessing. Everywhere I go I am constantly hearing,"My boyfriend. My girlfriend." Really when I hear those words I actually don't believe it. One girl mentioned the word Boyfriend 30 times in her story! How many times do you literally have to say it? I remember when I was younger and I met the love of my life at the time, not the greatest (TOXIC) relationship, I was head over heels for him and first time I have been in love with any man. I was always saying boyfriend when we were not official...and when i kept saying wasn't real. LOL. I think real matur couples would say it less and mention it rarely. LOL.

I don't go out much and my piority right now is my career. I am a model, work at a law firm, stylist (styled a pop artist) was on a cover of a magazine, designer, young professionals board for an organization that is associated with the NYU and started auditioning for film. I just met with one of the top INDIE casting directors and she loved my story and she says I WILL! After I told her to forward my work, story. :)
I have busted my butt off especially in times like now. I hope one day I will meet someone special where I go be in a public relationship with, bring him home to the family and where he is fully committed to be and be proud that I am his. I will pray and visualize.
Thank you for listening.


Congratulations on all of your career success!  

There is a saying that energy goes where the attention flows. This means that anything we put our attention into is likely to manifest. Whatever attention and actions that you are putting into your career is working!  

Now, as far as relationships go, give them and yourself the same loving attention that you give to your career. Sometimes "doormats" have a hard time asking for what they want. If you did not ask for what you wanted in your career by showing up for work (asking for a paycheck,) submitting your creative work (asking for opportunities,) and showing up for casting calls and auditions (asking for opportunities,) you would not have manifested the results that you have!

So even if the word "boyfriend" bothers you, if you want a boyfriend, ask the Universe for one!! :-) And if you find someone you want to spend time with in a public relationship with, take actions to manifest it!

You can do this! Keep up the good work!

Bee Loving Bee Wise,


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